The Lo Tishkach Foundation European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative aims to guarantee the effective and lasting preservation and protection of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves throughout Europe.

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Kurzeme Region, Latvia

Kandava Jewish Cemetery
Kuldiga Jewish Cemetery
Rucava Mass Grave
Sabile Jewish Cemetery

Vidzeme Region, Latvia 

Cesis Jewish Cemetery
Ikskile Jewish Cemetery
Jurmala Jewish Cemetery
Valmiera Jewish Cemetery
Valmiera Mass Grave I (Bralju Kapi)
Valmiera Mass Grave III (Kelderleja)

Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine

Esen' Jewish Cemetery
Haloch Jewish Cemetery
Irliava Jewish Cemetery
Khudliovo Jewish Cemetery
Korytniany Jewish Cemetery

News Archive
Lo-Tishkach to Serve As Operational Arm in Project to Locate Graves of WWII Jewish Soldiers

London, 16/Apr/2015

Lo-Tishkach will serve as operational arm for the project in the international effort to locate graves of Jewish soldiers who fought the Nazis in World War II. About 250,000 Jewish soldiers were killed while fighting in the Allies’ armies, the Red Army, the partisans’ organisations and the resistance organisations.

Deterioration Of European Holocaust Memorial Sites Must Be Reversed

Israel, 14/Apr/2015

Deterioration Of European Holocaust Memorial Sites Must Be Reversed
Dr Florence Luxemberg-Eisenberg travelled with a colleague to 13 Holocaust memorial sites in Poland, Germany, Ukraine and the Czech Republic to analyse the countries’ preservation standards of death camps and cemeteries. Read more...

New Mass Grave Found At Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp

The Netherlands, 12/Apr/2015

Dutch researchers have found a new mass grave at the site of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, almost exactly 70 years after it was liberated in April 1945. Today it is a grassy field located at the end of the camp’s former main road. Read more...

Tunisian President Vows To Protect Jewish Community

Tunisia, 30/Mar/2015

Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi promised Jewish leaders that he will protect the Jewish community in Tunisia. The President vowed, “I will defend the Jews.. I will not return Tunisia to the days of the rule of dictatorship..." Read more...

Ongoing Advocacy Campaign - Meetings with members of European Parliament, diplomatic corps and European Commission

Brussels, 23/Mar/2015

Our current campaign is to raise awareness within the EU political institutions with the goal of promoting best practice as a standard for Europe. Whereas we believe a law would serve to better protect the common and varied European cultural heritage for generations to come ... Read more...
Norwich, UK, Honours Victims Of Blood Libel

England, 19/Feb/2015

A plaque to commemorate 17 Norwich Jews killed during the 12th century blood libel riots was unveiled on Monday. The Lord Mayor, Councillor Judith Lubbock, led the memorial for the six adults and 11 children, who are believed to have come from the same family. Read more...

New Publication on Jewish Heritage in Southern Podolia

Ukraine, 08/Feb/2015

Lo Tishkach welcomes the fascinating publication of Simon GEISSBÜHLER, ’Once Upon a Time Never Comes Again’. A book which takes us back into the world of the Shtetl with its traditions and its memories. Read more...

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MAKE A DONATION -As a non-profit organisation we rely on your generous support to guarantee lasting preservation and protection to Europe’s Jewish cemeteries and mass graves.


Complete cemetery survey: 200€
Cleaning of vegetation: 500€
Identifying marker: 500€ 
Construction of a gate: 1,000€
District-wide surveys: 2000€ 
Metal memorial: 2,500€
Demarcation & fencing: 5,000€
Region-wide surveys: 10,000€

Karczew Jewish Cemetery, Poland © Sebastian Penconek/Lo Tishkach