Lo Tishkach Brochure (July 2009) – 996KB, PDF

Burial Ground Surveys


Jewish Cemeteries of Latvia: Latgale Region (2012) – 9.82MB, PDF
Jewish Mass Graves of Latvia: Latgale Region – Part 1 (2013) – 5.49MB, PDF
Jewish Mass Graves of Latvia: Latgale Region – Part 2 (2013) – 8.32MB, PDF


Jewish Cemeteries of Poland: The Masovian Region (2008) – 4.61MB, PDF


Jewish Burial Grounds of Ukraine: Kyiv Region (2009) – 5.03MB, PDF
Jewish Burial Grounds of Ukraine: Odesa Region (2010) – 4.8MB PDF
Jewish Burial Ground of Ukraine: Dnipropetrovsk Region (2010) – 5.08MB, PDF

Preliminary Reports on Legislation and Practice Affecting Jewish Burial Grounds

Slovakia (April 2008) – 705KB, PDF
Austria (June 2008) – 349KB, PDF
Lithuania (September 2008) – 963KB, PDF
Germany (December 2008) – PDF
Comparative Report (December 2008) – 455KB, PDF
Hungary (February 2009) – 490KB, PDF
Ukraine (April 2009) – 906KB, PDF 
Latvia (June 2009) – 934KB, PDF
Estonia (August 2009) – 848KB, PDF
Romania (December 2009) – 1MB, PDF



In order to afford large-scale, lasting protection to European Jewish cemeteries and mass graves it is crucial to ensure that there is a sufficiently robust legal environment – encompassing both appropriate legislation and effective enforcement. There also needs to be a clear set of standards on burial ground protection enshrined in a recognised code of practice incorporating religious, legal and technical considerations.

With this in mind, the Lo Tishkach Foundation is focused on high-level advocacy and awareness-raising activities to bring about the development of a more effective normative framework for burial ground protection.

A key aspect of our work in this sphere is a research project aiming to collate all legislation and practice affecting Jewish burial grounds throughout Europe led by the Foundation’s Research Co-ordinator, leading to the production of country-by-country reports. Copies of these reports are available to download from the Publications page.

In order to facilitate research and advocacy activities, all legislation collected is available for download from the Compendium of Legislation.