The Lo Tishkach Foundation is leading a research project aiming to collate all legislation and practice affecting Jewish burial grounds throughout Europe. In order to facilitate research and advocacy activities, all legislation collected is available for download from the section below.

The compendium of legislation is currently under review and the reports below will be updated before new reports are compiled.

The new reports will appear on the website over the next few months.

Click on the links below to access PDF versions of the files. To read these files you may need to install Adobe Reader, which is available free of charge from


Poland Report 2017

Czech Republic Report 2017

Austria Preliminary Report – June 2008

Germany Report – December 2008

Latvia Report – June 2009

Lithuania Preliminary Report

Romania Report – December 2009

Slovak Preliminary Report – April 2008

Ukraine Report – April 2009

Lo Tishkach Comparative Report – December 2008