The Lo Tishkach European Cemeteries Initiative needs your help! See below for ways to get involved.

Data Capturing

The Lo Tishkach database team is currently looking to further expand its network of data contributors to enable us to capture cemetery and mass grave data as quickly as possible. Volunteers should be computer literate, have some knowledge of English, be familiar with databases and have access to the internet. Prior knowledge of cemeteries is not required.

The database team in Antwerp will:

  • Provide a user guide which will explain the set-up of the database and its various functions;
  • Describe the minimum amount of core data required for each new cemetery record;
  • Designate a username and password for each co-worker;
  • Assign each co-worker with a country / region (not necessarily their own);
  • Provide sources of data and reference material;
  • Provide back-up support for all queries.

For further information please e-mail data@lo-tishkach.org.

Translation of Survey Reports and Historical Data 

Lo Tishkach is currently gathering survey reports and historical background detail on Jewish cemeteries and mass grave sites across Latvia, Lithuania and several regions in Ukraine. In the course of these surveys, large amounts of data are collected on the current state of Jewish burial grounds as well as on places of Jewish settlement throughout these regions.

The swift processing of this data is key to organising the protection of these sites. As much of the material is in Russian, we are looking for volunteers who can devote a few hours to translate some of the data from Russian to English. Please contact us if you would like to help us produce up-to-date information on Europe’s Jewish burial grounds! 

Collection and Translation of Legislation

A key aspect of the Lo Tishkach project is the compilation of legislation appropriate to the protection and preservation of Jewish cemeteries and mass graves in Europe. Legislation has currently been obtained for some 15 of the 48 countries in the remit of the project (see the Compendium of Legislation for more details).

However, there is still much work to be done. We are therefore looking for assistance with the collection of any legislation which does not currently feature in the Compendium, and particularly for those countries for which legislation has not been found. As a guide, appropriate legislation may include that dealing with the protection of monuments, burial sites or war graves.

As we aim to collate all appropriate legislation in both English and the original language, we would also greatly appreciate any voluntary assistance with translation from anyone fluent in an Eastern or Central European language and English.

For further information please e-mail data@lo-tishkach.org or telephone +32 (0) 473840337.

Cemetery Condition Reports

To achieve our aim of protecting and preserving Europe’s Jewish cemeteries, it is crucial for the Database of Jewish Cemeteries and Mass Graves to be as comprehensive as possible. This valuable information will be used to guide efforts to bring assistance to where it is really needed.

Have you recently visited a Jewish cemetery anywhere in Europe, or do you plan to make a visit in the future? Please send us a Cemetery Update.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Cemetery Condition Officer and submitting reports for a number of cemeteries in your area, please contact data@lo-tishkach.org or telephone +32 (0) 473840337.