Help us to Protect Jewish Cemeteries and Memorialise Shoah Victims


At Lo Tishkach, we are frequently approached by families interested in their genealogy or concerned to make some active linkage to where their parents or grandparents came from. The work of Lo Tishkach is a process with actual renovation and memorialisation projects on the ground. We gather data, map the condition of the cemeteries and mass graves and make this accessible to all who are interested in their individual and our collective heritage.

Our initiative is to make it easier to do something positive in their memory, or to honour a milestone family occasion to protect these cemetery sites or to memorialise Holocaust mass graves.

We begin with a research team compiling all the known historical data in a given area of Europe. Currently, we have recorded  almost 11,000 sites in approximately 9,000 villages, shtetls, towns and cities stretching from Russia to Ireland on our online database.

That’s a great starting point but it doesn’t tell the story of the state of the site today. For that, we send people out into the field to plot the cemetery area, analyse the current situation and report back on the works needed to protect or to memorialise the site in a fitting manner.

So far, we’ve completed field reports on the following areas in Eastern Europe: the Masovian vovoideship around Warsaw in eastern Poland; the Ukrainian regions of Kyiv, Odesa, Cherkasy, Dniepopetrovsk, Chernihiv and Zakarpatia; and most of Latvia and Lithuania. Many of these areas have already seen completed Lo Tishkach reports published detailing the actual situation of every site and specifying the works required.

We assess what work and urgency is required for adequate protection or memorialisation. Quite often the cost is minimal; for example, a few hundred dollars allows for the replacement of a Soviet-era plaque which doesn’t mention the Jewish victims killed during the Shoah or the erection of a stone monument identifying a mass grave site, or the clearing away of excess vegetation from years of neglect. Sometimes, the works are more costly, running into the thousands of dollars to repair vandalised or very neglected sites.

After the visit reports come in, all necessary works are costed for repair by our locally-base teams and listed on our website to make it easier for willing supporters to do something specific and tangibly make a difference. Please click on the name of a country in the tab on the left to learn more about the required restoration works.

Please help us carry out these works and to make a difference. Sponsor a site on behalf of your synagogue or organisation, or to recall a parent or to honour an anniversary. Make a lasting impact to protect our heritage and to preserve the memory of those killed in the Holocaust.

Or you can help us in other ways. A general donation to Lo Tishkach will enable us to survey another region or district of Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary or other areas of Eastern and Central Europe. If your family comes from a specific region, let us know and we can utilise your donation in the most appropriate way.